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Bethel Family Life Ministries Goal
Our goal is to establish stable Families and develop stable relationships, patterned after God's relationship with his children. He has declared he will never leave us nor forsake us. Hebrews 13:5.  The family can be spiritually healthy if children are taught respect. Not only to respect their parents but to respect authority.  
The family tie is the closest, the most tender and sacred of any human relationship on earth. God instituted the family as the primary provider of the warm and caring relationships for which the human heart yearns.
Our goal as families are to spend more quality time together in prayer and giving thanks to our Creator. Let God be the center of our lives. The reward is worth it for every member of your family.
The vision statement for North American Division of Family Ministries is to create healthy families for eternity. It is our desire that families will experience a revival in their homes that will lead to a transformation in their lives. “North American Division of Family Ministries Initiative is called the “Reach Initiatives”

Revival & Transformation: Encouraging families to make Christ the center of their homes, thus, experiencing a revival that will result in a life-changing transformation 

Education for Discipleship: Educating church members and leadership on their role as disciple makers

Alignment within the Church: Equipping families to embrace and practice the concept of “Unity in Diversity” with every member of the church becoming actively engaged in church life and ministry

Community Outreach & Evangelism: Employing families so that each home becomes an evangelistic center that will communicate Adventism’s distinctive message of hope and wholeness to their communities

Healthy Leadership & Administration: Empowering families through the development and cultivation of leaders